Laval Lipshiners: Beauty Bargain!

*this post was originally posted on katysblog.co.uk and katyscosmetics sent me these products to review on their blog* 
Laval is brand I've briefly heard of but not tried. If I'm honest I usually put it down as one of those brands that isn't going to be very good but from past experiences with similar brands such as w7 I have been proved wrong.
I have two colours , Crystal Pink and Nude, which are both very wearable . They proved quite difficult to photograph when on my lips  but I gave it my best shot!
The packaging is basic but pleasing and the shiny silver colours on it really reflect the product inside.
Crystal Pink is your generic pink colour with a beautiful shimmer/sparkle running through. It looks stunning both on its own and over lipstick. Although it has sparkle running through it the texture is amazing on your lips and feels really moisturising, you certainly can’t feel little bits of glitter sitting on your lips.
Unfortunately, like I said above, this gloss proved to be difficult to photograph. Nude is what it says, a nude colour with no sparkle or shimmer running through it. The texture, like the first gloss, is moisturising on the lips. I really liked wearing this gloss on its own but it looked nice over lipstick as well.
Both lip glosses give off a beautiful shine that looks even better in sunlight.  However I do have one con, they don’t last as long as some of my other lip glosses. I found I had to reapply every hour-2 hours and it came off after eating as well. It survived a glass of water with little damage though.
Overall I can definitely see myself purchasing more of these in the future as for only £1.19 I think they are a great bargain not to be missed!

Will you be overlooking Laval in the future? I definitely won’t be!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x
These are available to purchase from katyscosmetics.co.uk for £1.19