Review: Urban Decay Naked2

A little while ago I told you all about my first impressions of this very talked about palette and I swatched all the eye shadows but today I am giving you my full review! As I showed pictures and swatches in the last post if you want to see some images click here.

I received this the palette in my Canadian swap (post here) from Sara and I have been in love with it ever since!

First of all, the pigmentation of the shadows are crazy! They are the best eye shadows for pigmentation I own. Even the matte shade, tease, has great pigmentation. You don't need much of the shadows, especially the matte black shade, to get a intense look. The pigmentation is paired with the wearing time of these eye shadows. They stay on all day for me and that's with my ELF primer underneath and that's nothing special. 

Being a drugstore girl this palette completely blew me away, I adore it and use it everyday I wear makeup! Nearly all my other eye shadows have been neglected. 

The brush in the palette is also phenomenal  again this comes down to the fact that all the brushes I own aren't anything special bar a few RT ones. The crease/blending end of the brushes is amazing for blending out harsh lines.

The Naked2 also comes with a mini lip gloss, lip junkie in Naked,  which I haven't used much yet but it definitely gives your lips a more volume, which is its purpose. It is also a lovely colour and gives a nice nude finish to your lips.

The packaging was a deal breaker for me whether I would get the Naked1 or Naked2 if I was going to buy either of them. I really hate the packaging of the Naked1, from pictures I have seen they get a bit battered and I hate the feel of the velvet like material on them. The packaging on the Naked2 is sturdy and practical. 

Its not a big thing but the mirror inside the palette is massive! Its the perfect for if you were going to do your makeup on the go or for touch ups.

So, the Naked2 gets a MASSIVE thumbs up from me! I would recommend it to anyone, especially those having doubts!

The Naked2 is £36 and I think its worth every penny. You get 12 eye shadows that are worth £14 each= £168 + the lip junkie which is worth £4.83 + the brush ,one side worth £14.50 + the other side worth £17.50
So the grand total is: £204.82
And you're paying £36! Its a bargain in my opinion!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x