Today I recieved a very exciting package that has made its way to the UK from Canada! It took 6 weeks and 2 days to get here and I think I was quite patient! It was totally worth the wait!

Me and Sara (you can find her blog by clicking her name) decided to do a swap quite a few months ago and we gave each other a few ideas of what to get. I have really enjoyed doing this swap and we have already agreed to another one in the early part of next year! A quick disclaimer I am extremely thankful for everything Sara bought me and she spent a lot more on me than I did on her (I have plans to spoil her for this!). I was tearing up and screaming with joy when I opened it and I am definitely not bragging. Onto the goodies!
 Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE pop tarts and this is a flavour I haven't seen in shops in the UK (I've seen it online). I have literally just eaten some and they are so yummy!
 This was the moment I started tearing up. The Urban Decay Naked2. I'm a drugstore gal because that't what I can afford so I cannot believe I now own the Naked2! Watch out for millions of posts on it!
 Next are these revlon colourstay quads in Brazen and Luscious. She picked out some great colours for me because I'm always wearing neutrals and green really suits me! I can't wait to try these out as I really like revlon!
 This was one of the first things that pops up in my mind when I think of products from across the pond. The covergirl lashblast and Sara got me the 24hr version. I used this earlier and I really like it so far!
 These I definitely wasn't expecting! If you follow Sara's blog then you'll know she LOVES Essie! She sent me Orange Its Obvious and Plumberry. These are both colours I would wear, I'm building up a nice little essie collection!
 This was another thing I wasn't expecting, I'd said physicians formula as one of the brands I would like to try. If I had to pick one thing from the brand to try it would be this so I'm so happy Sara got if for me!
 I love EOS lipbalms! I now have 2! This is the summerfruits one, the smell is very strong and sweet but I like it!
 This was definitely something I didn't expect! I am over the moon though as everyone raves about leaves candles and I can see why! I'm so scared to burn it though because I don't want to use it up :(
 BABY LIPS! I am a lip balm freak so I was really happy to see this!
 This is basicially the reason I have ever wanted to do a international swap. How amazing is it?! I adore the colours and they are extremely pigmented! IN LOVE.
 Next she got me a ELF studio cream blush in tease and I love cream blushes so this will go nicely with my collection!
 This was another thing I really wanted to try as I am a keen hand washer. I love the cute little holder as well! The scent is hoot berry and it smells amazing!
 This was one thing I stumbled upon on the walgreens website and it looked a lot like the revlon lip butters and l'oreal rouge caresses's so I popped it onto my little list! It hasn't got much pigmentation but it gives your lips a lovely sheen and I think it would great over a pink lipstick or I can just use it as a Balm! Its L'oreal colour riche Balm in Pink Satin.
Finally. A foundation that is exactly my skin colour. Thank you covergirl! This is the covergirl nature luxe foundation in alabaster. This is another thing I will be using sparingly as I don't want to use it up!

I will definitely be asking for some back up's of some of these items when me and Sara swap next!

THANK YOU so much Sara for everything, I love it all and I can't wait to start using them properly!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. Oh wow what a great swap. Very jealous of the baby lips and the wet n wild, been wanting them for ages. Great post!
    Does Sara have a blog? x


    1. Thanks :) Yeah, just click on her name at the top :) xx

  2. YAY so happy nothing was broken. It took so long I was worried it was lost or damaged some where. If you want more of that foundation at anytime just let me know:)
    Sara xx

    1. me too! I told you not to worry ;) I was worried it would get lose more lol :) Ooooo I shall DM you :) xxx

  3. Aww thats so sweet that she got you a Naked palette :) xxx

    1. I know! i was so shocked, excited, overwhelmed etc xxx

  4. Wow that is amazing!! You're so lucky to have done an international swap, I've been wanting to do one for ages but haven't found anyone.


    1. thanks :) I know, I have wanted to do one for ages! I'm sure there are loads of people out there, you should ask on the #bbloggers tag xx

  5. You got some amazing things! Lucky you a Naked 2 palette xx


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  7. Very jealous about the Naked 2 palette! you got some lovely things :)



  8. So glad you got pop tarts! Know how much you love them :)