Smooch Cosmetics Review

If you have been following my blog for a while, or my youtube, then you'll know that I have reviewed a few things from Smooch before. In February I reviewed a eyeshadow duo* (which I very much love and still have) and a blush duo* (I passed this onto a friend), you can find the reviews here. So about 8 months later I have a few more things to review for you, I had high hopes for all these products.
In this post I'll just give you a insight into what I think of these 4 products, first impressions, that kind of thing. Over the next few weeks I may do more detailed reviews if my opinions change etc.

Firstly, the packaging, I really adore their look. Its sleek, expensive looking, similar to NARS. I don't carry any products around with me in my bag or keep them in a makeup bag ever so I haven't had problems with them getting dirty but I know that products with this kind of rubbery coating are prone to getting messy. 

One pet peeve with smooch products (bar the nail polishes) is that the products don't have the colour names on the actual products! The colour names are on the box so I have boxes laying around in drawers so I can refer back to names, its not practical. 

Nail Enamel in Brilliance £6.50*
This is my favourite product out of the four. It really surprised me! This is a lovely gold shimmery/metallic colour which is great for the upcoming Christmas/party season. The thing that really made it shine out from some brands is that you only need one coat, one thin coat to make it opaque. I will definitely be showing this in a NOTD.
I can't comment too much on staying power because I only wore it for a weekend because of school but it did stay on, no chipping, the whole weekend. This was without a topcoat, I did however use a base coat to avoid any staining!

 Lip gloss in Persian Princess £7.50*
This is a non-sticky formulated lip gloss which is a winner for me straight off. It is a little thick though, its close to a liquid lipstick, but it lacks the pigmentation. Like I said its not very pigmented on its own but it complements most lipsticks very nicely or just gives a light wash of colour to bare lips! 

I don't think you would catch me paying £7.50 for this, its not pigmented enough and a little thick for me but it does give you lips a lovely shine and a little more colour which is sometimes all I want. 

Lipstick in Caramel Queen £7.50*
When I first saw this colour I didn't think I could pull it off, at first it looked quite brown and glittery. As you can see though from the pictures its actually a really nice autumnal caramel colour, as the name would suggest. You can see it does have little flecks of glitter in it, which is a let down for me, it takes away from the naturalness the colour holds.

The glitter also becomes a problem when applying this lipstick. It doesn't feel very smooth or soft when you apply it to your lips. I think this would be my perfect autumn lipstick if it wasn't for the glitter running through it.

Liquid Liner in Ink £6.95*
Finally a liquid liner. I can't say too much on this at all as I hardly ever wear eye liner, especially liquid. But I can say that the applicator is very similar to the L'Oreal Superliner. Its also capable of making thick and thin lines. And when I did wear it once or twice it stayed on all day.
I think £6.95 is very reasonable price for this product.

There you go, 4 mini reviews! Hope you enjoyed them,
and you can buy smooch products here: http://www.smoochcosmeticsuk.com

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. I've never seen this brand before. Is it new?

    1. No, its just sold online though :) xx

    2. That explains it :( I like to touch before I buy makeup.

  2. I tagged you in the Libester Award :D