Review | Vivo VPL Mascara

Today is the first review of a few Vivo products! Vivo is a brand I see every time I go to tescos and I have always been intrigued by it as its considerably cheap, but as we know from brands like MUA that doesn't always mean the products are bad. So when a package full of Vivo goodies came through my letter box I was very happy to start trying them out!

The VPL, Volume Plus Length, mascara* is by far my favourite product out of the ones that I received. It is nearly identical to the MUA Every Lash Mascara, review here, the only difference is the wand. 

First of all, what do Vivo say about this mascara?
Get show-stopping lashes with VIVO's latest mascara which leaves tiny little lash enhancing on your natural lashes for a sexy 'false lash effect'. The genius brush has also been carefully designed to build volume while defining for sky scraping length, minus the irritating clumps.

The VPL Mascara comes in a eye-catching shade of orange packaging which will stand out from other products in a shop. However for me the bright colours and basic shape of the packaging just screams cheap to me, which doesn't add up with the actual product as you will soon see.

The wand is a large thick wand with loads of tiny little bristles, and I have to agree with Vivo, its genius. Its not the first time its been done but for such a inexpensive brand to get it right its great! This is the difference right here between this and the MUA Every Lash. It may also be the reason why I prefer the MUA one just that tiny bit. The wand on the Every Lash has a little ball on the end which is extremely helpful to catch those tiny lashes on the outer and inner corners, this mascara wand sadly lacks this quality. But what it lacks there it makes up for in that it catches every lash individually to really give them a good coat of mascara.

The staying power of this is great! It stays on all day, no flaking, no smudging. I went through mascara after mascara trying to find one that did this and now I have found two! This is the quality I crave for in a mascara and I think its pretty impressive for a company to get this right and to sell the product for such an inexpensive price. 

This is after one coat of the mascara, already my lashes are looking a lot longer, more defined and voluminous! 

This was after going on with a second, quite heavy, coat. I prefer with just one coat as I mainly look for length in a mascara but for those who want a very voluminous false lash effect this mascara can achieve just that!

Overall I am extremely impressed with this mascara and I would recommend you go and check it out! 

It comes in 4 shades (the one I have is black) which are: Black, Ultra Black, Black/Brown and Waterproof

VIVO are available to purchase from selected Tesco stores & online at www.vivocosmetics.co.uk
(they ship internationally as well!)

Thanks for reading,
Shona xx


  1. This sounds like a nice mascara, I'm yet to try anything from Vivo as my local Tescos dont stock it! Think I might have to make an order and try a few bits :)

    1. It is :) You definitely should, Vivo are so similar to MUA! Great quality products that don't break the bank! xx