Review | Pure BB Cream in Ultra Light

Today I am reviewing a new product! Now I'm going to say now I'm not 100% sure whether this is out or not yet but if I find out I'll update this little note for you all!
This is another BB Cream on the block! I have only tried one which was the garnier one but it was way too dark for me so when I heard that Pure a very much affordable skincare brand were coming out with one I was very interested. Here is a little information about the Pure BB Cream in Ultra Light*

Once again I don't know too much but its fragrance free, costs £3 , also I am pretty sure that they do other colours that are already out but they decided to bring out one which would hopefully be for the pale girls! 

 I'll start with the claim of the product. The shade. With a name like Ultra Light I was excited to see what it could offer for pale girls like myself. Now I was let down here, this is practically the same shade as a drugstore foundation in the colour ivory. Certainly not light and not targeted towards those with a ultra light complexion!
 As you can see its very yellow and not pale at all!
(swatched on the lightest part of my body)
When blended out though you do loose some of this colour if you really blend it when applying, I wore this to school after blending it a lot down my neck and didn't get any funny looks but it was certainly darker than my complexion and I know paler people than myself.
Its not the colour it shows when not blended but its still not ultra light when blended out.

The next thing is coverage. With it being a BB Cream I wasn't looking for much coverage and it offered a light coverage on me. I always decide the coverage on how much it covers my freckles and it didn't cover them at all so its definitely a BB Cream but this is not ideal for those who are still looking for that extra bit of coverage.

This lasted about 5 hours on my skin without a primer which isn't even a whole school day for me, with a primer it last a bit longer at around 6-7 hours so just about a school day. Once again due to it being a BB Cream I wasn't asking for much but a little longer on my skin would have been nice?

One thing that really bothered me about this product is that it was quite oily on my skin and I have combination skin, not even oily! So unless you have completely dry skin I wouldn't bother taking a second look at this product!

One thing that I did like about this is that it felt really light on my skin, I barely noticed it. It didn't feel like I was wearing a BB Cream when I touched my face either.

Overall I really don't rate this BB Cream. It may have a cheap price tag of £3 but I found out in these last few weeks why it only cost £3!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. We're of a similar colouring and I despaired of ever finding a BB Cream. In the end, I ended up looking into 'proper' Asian creams and found a couple I liked in the Holika Holika range. I've got a review up on the blog tomorrow, but I would definitely recommend the Watery BB Cream. The Garnier ones scare me!

    1. oh wow! I think I need a trip to your blog to take a look, thanks for the recommendation! Same! Its so dark and I know many people who have reacted badly to it! Thanks for commenting! x

    2. No probs- I think it's scheduled to go up at 9am tomorrow? It has links etc to where I got it from. They're also reasonably priced.

    3. Great :D Can't wait to see it! x