My Instagram Week! #1

Today I am starting my first post on the photos I have posted on instagram this week! I don't post loads even though I'm obsessed with instagram, I just can't find anything interesting enough to post ! I love reading these posts so I decided to start them myself! So here is what I have posted this week!

 My london outfit. Top from H&M in the sale!
 An amazing taxi in london!
 A lovely little park in russell square!
 The most I have ever used a lipbalm! A proud moment aha (its Nivea's milk and honey and I LOVE it!)
 The most amazing wrapping paper EVER.
 My beauty cupboard of things I haven't got around to using yet or I have used once and put back in there! The problem is before I get a chance to try any of these products I buy new ones, oops!
And one for pure entertainment. Last night I decided to see if I could fit in one of the boxes we are using to put stuff in. Mission Complete. I should be a contortionist! 

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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