Haul! Superdrug and h&M Sales and W7!

I little evening haul for you all tonight! This was requested on twitter so here it is! Got some great bargains in superdrug and H&M and then another awesome nail polish from w7!

 First of all my Superdrug is holding an giant sale on Bloom and GOSH as we just lost the Bloom stand for MUA, thank the lord! So I picked these up which seem like dupes for the MAC Eye paints (the bloom ones are drugstore prices though! For drugstore they are quite dear!) I picked these up in a blue-y colour and a pink colour for 99p each! A bargain I'd say!

 Then I got this GOSH lipbalm for 99p, lipbalm I repeat! This is as pigmented as a lipstick but moisturising and amazing as well! Its like the revlon lip butters! Not a colour I would go for but I couldn't see the colour name and I'm a sucker for a tinted lipbalm!
 Then I picked up another w7 nail polish, I'm making quite a collection! This was only £1.95 on my local market and its in the colour Lava Flow! As I am aware there is only one more in this collection for me to get, which is the blue one! I love the speckles and sparkles in them!
Then I got this beautiful top from H&M for £3! Now this is my style! This is a picture from instagram as I split orange pasta down me in London yesterday , oops! So its in the wash!

Hope you enjoyed this mini haul! I'm on a spending ban until my canadian swap arrives and then my reward plan starts!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. yay :D Thanks for posting! You got some great bargains, I really need to get myself some of those w7 nail polishes when I am off my spending ban :) xx

    1. Thats ok :) I know! you do! I'm doing another blog giveaway in October so I'll put some in it :) xx

    2. Yay thankyou! I shall be entering that one heheh :) xx

  2. My superdrug has the Bloom sale on as well! Although, it was practically empty when I got there and those eye paints were obviously opened and tested on so I opted out of buying those!

    1. They must be getting rid of the brand completly?! Aha, my superdrug isn't too bad for that kind of thing xx