Review | Cool Britannia Nail Pop (Limited Edition)

Today I am reviewing a product that has already been talked about a lot. From what I can gather there has been mixed reviews about it. Today though I have my review for you.

 1 Coat
2 Coats

The colour, both in the bottle and on the nails, its divine! I love it, its the perfect nail polish to celebrate the Olympics and Jubilee with! The nail polish is full of the patriotic red, white and blue colours. Its sparkle is also really nice especially under natural light.

Packed full with red, white and blue glitter, one coat is enough to give you intense coverage whilst leaving an ultra glossy finish.
(from lookbeauty.co.uk)

I have included this statement from Lookbeauty.co.uk because in fact its not true. 1 Coat of this nail polish is not enough coverage. As you cans see from the pictures above it takes 2 Coats to get this polish opaque. Now I suppose if your wearing this over another nail polish one coat would be enough but on its own 1 definitely isn't. Now I'm fine with having to give a nail polish another coat but I'm just stating that the statement from Look beauty is not true.

Also another thing that I was let down by was the staying power. I find this subject a bit difficult to review because everyone is different, some people use base coats, others don't and we all use different brands! So for the purpose of the review I wore this nail polish without a base coat, which shouldn't effect a good nail polishes too much. Unfortunately this nail polish was good in a matter of 2 days. On some nails the coats of polish came off by the end of the day and by 2 days all of it was gone bar a few scraps of glitter here and there. This really surprised me as glitter is something that is notorious for being difficult to get rid of!

This was the factor that really let this nail polish down for me, my guess is that with a base coat you may get another 1-3 days more wear from this.

I gave this nail polish a 2/5 even though I loved the colour. The factors that let it down were that the stated one coat needed line was not true when in fact you needed at least 2 coats for a good colour and that it chipped so easily.

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

*This was sent to me to review but this does not effect my opinion. I will always be 10000000% trueful with you about a product.


  1. Great honest review!

    I think it might look better maybe over a dark blue base coat or something to give it a bit of contrast :)

    Laura x

    1. Thanks, there's no point in lying to you all just because I was sent it, i hate it when people do that lol xx
      Yeah, hopefully that would make it last a bit longer as well!