Sunday, 26 August 2012

NOTD: Salt 'n' Pepper

Today I have a quick NOTD to share with you as yesterday I bought a nail varnish I have been looking for forever! I hope you will all love just as much as I do!
 Salt n Pepper by w7

w7 do similar nail polishes to this one so next time I'm in town I will definitely be picking up more!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x



  1. this is such a cool nail polish! I think I will have to pick it up, I have never seen anything like this before! hehe I love this so much!xx

    1. i know right! It was only £1.95 as well! Neither had I before i bought it :) xx

    2. Seriously?! that is such a bargain! Where did you get it from?xx

    3. Yh, I'm going back on wednesday to get the other one like it :) I got it from the market in my town, I know you can get w7 in shops like B&M though xx

    4. Oh okay thankyou :D I don't have a B&M near me so might see if I can order it! Ooh what's the other one like?xx

    5. I found this site for you where you can buy it :)

      Its got red, white and blue speckles in it I think, and maybe some glitter, I'm going into town on wednesday so I'll do a haul then, I'm definitely buying lol xx

    6. Thankyou! I will definitely be ordering one of these! Wow that sounds gorgeous! I will definitely check that out :) xx


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