My GCSE Results!

Evening everyone!
I don't know whether this will be interesting to anyone but I feel like I share a lot with you all on here so I thought I would share my GCSE Results.
Now I am going into Year 11 so I haven't done all my exams yet but I have done quite a few exams already, hence why I have some results to share.

(I know everyone says this) I didn't think my results were going to be as good as I would like them to be because of personal and medical situations that had arisen in Year 10 so when I opened my results I was really happy especially at one particular result!

My Results:

Biology Unit 1 (B)
Chemistry Unit 1 (C) Then I resat it and got (B)
Physics Unit 1 (C)
Biology Unit 2 (B)
Chemistry Unit 2 (B)
Geography Unit 1 (A)
Religion (A*)

I was so happy with all of them :') I was so shocked to see my Religion grade as I didn't do much religion as I had my science exams around the same time.

If you want to hear my speak a bit more about my results and my reaction then this video is the one for you :)

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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