How To Get Healthy Nails

Healthy nails are strong and beautiful. Unfortunately, our daily habits are often the reasons behind why our nails are constantly breaking and chipping. If you want long, healthy nails there are a few things that you can do to get them without any cost or much loss of time.

Don’t Cut Your Cuticles- The good lord gave you cuticles in order to protect your nails from bacteria and to make new cells. On the other hand, many manicurists like to tell you that cuticles are ugly and try to cut them away they’re doing you a huge disservice because they’re making you prone to getting fungus in your nails which is painful, ugly and very difficult to get rid of. If you don’t like them and feel that they’re messy looking all you have to do is push them back.
       Stop Cutting Your Cuticles- Manicurists like to cut cuticles because it looks nicer and can make their job somewhat easier. However, your cuticles are there to protect your nails from bacteria and to make new cells so by cutting them you can get fungus and slow down nail growth. If your cuticles look like they’re too big and have a life of their own all you have to do is push them back and use a cuticle pusher to gently scrub off any excess dead skin from your nails.
      Stop Texting- If you’re using your nails to text then you’re putting pressure on them which will eventually lead to them breaking. Try sending out texts by using the padding of your fingers or the back of a pen instead so that your nails aren’t constantly being bent.
            No Scraping- Whenever you want to get a sticker or price tag off of a package or when you want to remove a stain from a hard surface use something other than your nails. It may take an extra minute, but its well worth the effort to get a knife or scissor instead. This one is the hardest for me to do because I’m always trying to do things quickly and get it over with.
      Wear Gloves- The chemicals found in dishwashing detergents and cleaning supplies are highly damaging and will make your nails dry out and break quickly. No matter how gentle the products says it is, it’s always safer to throw on some gloves before you start cleaning.
      No Biting!- It goes without saying that if you’re constantly biting your nails they won’t grow and they’ll look pretty bad.
      Moisturize!- Just like your skin obtains nourishment through moisturizer so do your nails and cuticles. It’s important to rub the moisturizer into your nail bed very gently to ensure that they will be soft and nurtured.
     Do Your Nails- Applying thin coats of polish rather than thick ones is a much better way to give yourself a manicure because the enamel will dry faster and last longer. It’s also important to file your nails carefully because you don’t want to leave any sharp edges that can catch onto objects and tear. You can lose a nail and a piece of clothing like that.
      Take Your Vitamins- A multivitamin containing calcium. Protein and vitamins A and C is a must. Not just because they help your nails grow long and strong but because they’re also good for your hair and bones.
It will take a week or so but if you follow these tips you should see that your nails are improving. Stay beautiful and enjoy your beautiful nails.

This post was submitted by Aleya who is the owner of a beauty blog called Spontaneous Chick where you can nail polish reviews and beauty product reviews.


  1. Great post hun :) I agree about cuticles! I try to keep mines neat, but like you said, they are there for a reason so I never understand why beauticians cut them :s xox

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    1. :) Yh i cant be bothered most the time so i just make them look a bit nicer aha , works for me! xx