Guest Post: Summer Shades to Suit You!

By: Belle Rose
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The summer is upon us and with this gorgeous sunshine we’re having at the moment I can imagine everyone is out and about. From park visits to BBQ’s and picnics to swimming, you’ve got to be somewhere outdoors this summer and what happens when you’re outdoors? People see you of course! This blog post will inform you on which lipstick shades suit you so you can look amazing when people see YOU.

Baby Pink – This colour suits olive and more dark skin tones. For example, if your skin tone is the same as Halle Berry’s or Jennifer Lopez’s then this colour is the one for you. Lighter shades will stand out on these skin tones and be more visible. The first thing people will see!

Bright Pink – Bright pink looks fabulous on any skin tone. On paler skin it will stand out and on darker and olive skin tones it will do the same and make teeth look brighter. This look suits Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne and Nicki Minaj the best!

Orange – Orange with golden tones suits olive skin the best. Worn with other gold make-up and accessories it really helps to give a healthy, golden glow. Bright oranges work on paler skin tones for the same reason as above.

Nude – Nude and neutral lipstick shades look the best on olive skin tones. They freshen up a darker complexion and worn with a little shimmer can help produce a sunny glow. On pale skin tones neural colours blend. This is not a good look.

Red – Red suits anyone but most of all the pale girls among us. Having paler skin and wearing red makes teeth look dazzling white and makes you appealing as you’re contrasting the pale and the bright tones. Don’t wear this with Brights everywhere else though. Let the lips do the talking. Smokey eyes look glorious with this look. View Natalie Portman and Taylor Swift for inspiration!    
Tip! – Never test lipsticks on your hands. They have a different texture and colouring than your face. Try make-up on the jawline if possible.

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