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So when Shona asked me if I would like to do a guest post, I said I would love to! I decided that since I am going on holiday I would do a beach wear post.

I hope you enjoy reading


Bikini H & M £3.99 for top, £3.99 for bottoms

I really love this print, it looks so exotic & I think it is made up of really cool colours, a must have for summer!

H & M Wedges £24.99

I think these would be great in the evening or the day time for holiday, wedges are very comfortable and are a good alternative for heels. I love bright colours on holiday, and so I love these! I also think fuschia looks great on a tan.

Turquoise (Blue) Saturn Aquamarine Diamante Flip Flops | 242690348 | New Look
New Look Saturn Aquamarine Fiamante Flip Flops
£24.99 Now £10!

I think this colour is absolutely beautiful, and would really flatter a tan, I think flip flops are a must have for summer & the beach, as they look amazing, keep your feet cool, and are easy to take on & off whilst by the pool, or when you're going in the sea!

Day Wear:

Orange  (Orange) AX Paris Orange Circle Print Playsuit | 261739080 | New Look
New Look AX Paris Orange Circle Print Playsuit

This is so summery, and I think playsuits are really cool! I love this pattern so much, and I love the off the shoulder aspect to this playsuit.

Black Pattern (Black) Colour Splat Woven Bandeau Maxi Dress | 260214209 | New Look
New Look Colour Splat Woven Bandeau Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are great for keeping cool, and they are so easy to slip over a swimming costume. Also they look wonderful on the beach, and I can't give maxi dresses nearly as much hype as they need! They are a MUST for summer.

Evening Wear:

Black Pattern (Black) Zebra Print Maxi Dress | 258353009 | New Look
New Look Zebra Print Maxi Dress

This dress is great because it looks formal & smart, but it will also keep you feeling cool in the hotter climate. I really like this dress & think I will have to pick this up for my holidays!

Coral (Orange) AX Paris Coral Embellished Prom Dress | 261709483 | New Look
New Look Coral Embellished Prom Dress

Although a bit smarter I think this would look beautiful on an evening out, and is such a beautiful coral. Coral makes tans look so much darker, so I think this is a great option. Also it is nice & floaty so will keep you feeling cool.
Light Brown (Brown) Light Brown Studded Strap Wedge Heels | 253881821 | New Look
New Look Light Brown Studded Strap Wedges

These are slightly more dressed up and would look great in the evening, I absolutely love the studded straps!

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