Review | Purity Skincare (Face wash, Exfoliator and Night moisturiser)

Today I have a review of 3 Purity Skincare products. I haven't done massive in depth reviews but detailed enough so you know my opinion on them: good or bad.
First of all I will give you a little information on Purity as they aren't a big brand like Nivea or Dove or extremely well known either.
Purity Skincare is a organic and vegetarian brand and all of their products are always suitable for vegans apart from the Regenerating Overnight Moisturiser and the Facial Moisturiser which both contain Beeswax. Their products range from £4.99 to £8.99 , so more than your average Superdrug brand but less than your higher end brands. 

 First up is the Purity Overnight Moisturiser. This is part of their evening range and costs £7.99 being one of their more expensive products, so I had high expectations. You get 50ml in a pot/tub and this is plenty as I will go onto explain. I personally love this product for a few reasons. First of all its quite thick but easy to blend, this means that you only have to use a tiny (and I mean tiny) bit to spread across all of your face. The price tag of £7.99 seemed to be pretty fair after I found this out as I can see this lasting me a while! Also its extremely moisturising and every morning I would wake up with hydrated skin and when I applied my day moisturiser it felt like I was only 'topping up' my hydration levels in my skin rather than trying to get my skin from really dry to moisturised. My skin had no problems with this which I was sure it wouldn't as this product is fragrance free. Overall I really love this overnight moisturiser and have been using it every night since I got it!
 Next is the Facial Exfoliator. This is part of their morning range and costs £5.99. I have recently been on the lookout for a exfoliator that goes the extra mile but unfortunately I found this one to just be like the others. It does exfoliator your face well and does irritate the skin and also makes the skin feel soft but that's it. It claims to be a deep pore cleanser but I didn't find this to be true, it didn't do anything to my pores. I think you could get a exfoliator that is just as good for cheaper than £6 and maybe it will do a  bit more than this one as well. Overall I do like this for just a basic exfoliator but it didn't do anything to my pores and did not go that extra mile which I expected it to due to the extra pennies it will cost you.
Last is the Facial Wash. This is also from their morning range and costs £4.99. I really like this wash. It foams up really well and really does give your face a good wash. It also didn't break me out at all which is always a bonus and this is probably due to it being fragrance free. I didn't find it to have any special qualities but it did make my skin really soft! I think its good for your standard facial wash. I think £5 is a bit steep for what it is but I am used to paying no more than around £3-£4 for a face wash that does even more than this one. I have found facial washes to be better than this one but for your standard facial wash I quite like it. Overall I think it does what it should and does it well with no problems.

So those are my reviews on the purity skincare products! Hope you liked them!
If you have anymore questions about what I think of them then don't hesitate to comment below!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

*These 3 products were sent to me by Purity Skincare for review consideration but this does not affect my opinion. I will always give you my 100% honest opinion on any products I review.

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