Monthly Jewellery Favourites!

In this blogger/youtube world we are looking at monthly favourites left right and centre but they are all about beauty! Personally I have never seen a jewellery monthly favourites so I thought each month I would show you what pieces of jewellery I have been wearing a lot! So lets hop straight into the first piece!
 Panda Ring from Accessorize (could not find on website)
This is one of my favourite rings and I have been wearing it on and off this month which is good considering I don't usually wear rings as they never fit me! I bought this in the accessorize sale last year for around £2 and even if I don't wear it everyday I really like it, its certainly different, which I like and its very cute!

 Primark Cameo Earrings 
Primark never fail to pull something amazing and affordable out of the bag in the jewellery department and these are proof of this! I must have paid around £1.50 when I bought these which is a brilliant price for Cameo earrings. I love these and go great with most outfits! They can be a little heavy on the ears though so I wouldn't recommend wearing them if you have just had your ears pierced (of course after the 6 week healing time!). But I can cope with the slight weight on them as I think they are a really simple piece to own!
 Forever 21 Glasses Necklace £2.20
Forever 21 are a bit like Primark in that they have really affordable jewellery but personally I love their jewellery more! I would buy more from Forever 21 but there are only a few shops in the UK and I refuse to pay £4 odd postage for a few bits of jewellery! I have been loving this quirky necklace this month and goes great for a simple top, it can make an outfit look great without being too over the top, but you will still stand out from the crowd!

 Topshop Cross Bracelet £1.50 (In the sale)
These is my favourite bracelet ever! I have such tiny wrists so the pulley strap/system on the back is perfect for any sized wrist, especially smaller ones! Its a perfect bracelet to stack up with the rest of your bracelets on your wrist and goes with practically any outfit with it being such a simple piece!

Matalan Hand Harness £2.50 (In the sale)
This my favourite piece of jewellery for this month! (I will pick a favourite each month) Its different from anything I have seen before and I just love everything about it! It fits great, although sometimes the bits of chain connecting to the peace sign jiggle around a bit, but not too much! I can't wait to wear this more often as its a really nice statement piece!

Whats your favourite peace of jewellery at the moment?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. Love this! The topshop ring chain is lovely!

    1. thanks :) The hand harness? Its from Matalan m'deary :) xx