Mini Benefit Reviews! (FT. 5 products!)

Hello to followers new and old! I recently joined a blog hop and I now find myself at 2 followers away from 100 followers so a big hello to new followers and of course my faithful old followers :)
Today I have 5 reviews for you! They are mini like the products themselves but this should give you my over all opinion on these 5 benefit products which are: Posietint, Eyecon, That Gal, Girl Meets Pearl and Highbeam! These are all pretty pricey products so I feel its nice to hear many opinions on more expensive products before you buy so you know you *fingers crossed* won't be disappointed!
First up is Posietint!

 I really love posietint! I have tried a dupe by 2true before but nothing is like this tint from Benefit. It retails for £24.50 which for me is quite expensive but I think it might just be worth it! The colour is the perfect pink for any occasion whether that be a day out to a theme park or a fancy dinner at a restaurant this will be perfect for any occasion thrown at you! It really is a tint/stain and stays on your lips all day but I do find that after eating something quite oily/greasy or after a proper  meal (not just a snack!) it can start to come off but reapplying is no problem! Overall I would definitely recommend this product to you and I think I would be tempted in the future to buy full size after hunting down a discount code/voucher!

 Next is Highbeam which retails also for £24.50 which I think is a little overpriced for what it is. I don't feel this product really shows up on my cheeks very well. It also dries my skin a little after I put it on my cheeks, even after using moisturiser my cheeks don't seem to hold the same amount of moisture as the rest of my face after applying this. Also you couldn't use this as a lip product whereas the posietint and benetint can be used on your cheeks and lips making them more worth the money. I definitely wouldn't pay £25 for a highlighter and won't be purchasing this full size.

 Next up is Girl Meets Pearl which is a liquid pearl for your face and retails at £24.50 also! This comes out on your skin in a gold coloured finish and acts like a bronze highlighter. I think this product would look great on a more tanned skintone as it can tend to stand out a bit too much on my fair skin but I still love this and will hopefully look a bit nicer on my summer skin: burnt and red! It might counteract it! Overall I do quite like this product and would consider buying it if I had more tanned skin but for now with my fair skin (which I love!) I think I'll be ok without this product.

 Then we have the That Gal face primer which retails for £21.50 (there is a limited edition London available at the moment as well!). I have never really used a primer because I have never really worn foundation but since buying a foundation that so nearly completely matches my skin tone I have been testing out a few primers and this has been one of them. I didn't find anything too special about this primer that would make me rush out to the shops to buy it. I found it to be your bog standard primer that just made your foundation last all day which I guess is the only reason you buy a primer but for over £20 I expect something a little more exciting! It is quite pink toned so whether that is supposed to do anything special I don't know but it does come out sheer on your skin which is ok, especially if you have more yellow toned skin. Overall I don't think I will be buying the full size of this but if your looking for a decent standard primer and like to splash out a little this may be the primer for you.

Last but not least we have the Eyecon which is a brightening eye cream and retails for £22.50. This eye cream has nothing brightening about it! I used it day after day hoping that I would wake up with brighter and more awake eyes but it never happened! For the actual eye cream part it is a good eye cream and does its job, it is a little oily though so may not go well if your under eye area is oily. As the brightening part of this eye cream is quite a crucial part of it I don't think its worth such a hefty price tag but I couldn't find it on the benefit website so I have a sneaky feeling it may be discontinued but you can find it on ASOS if you are interested in buying it. I think I will just stick to my Superdrug eye cream for now!

So as you can see I have mixed opinions on Benefit products out of the ones I have tried so far and some I would recommend, others I wouldn't and some I still haven't made my mind up!

Have you got a favourite benefit product? Leave me a comment I will be sure to reply!

Thanks for reading.
Shona x


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  2. Love all of these products, use them on a regular basis:)


    1. I like most of them in one form or another aha :) thanks for commenting! xx

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