Haul | Topshop, H&M, The Body shop + more!

I did a sneaky bit of shopping today. So here is what I bought today!

 From Topshop I bought these amazing rings which were £2.50 down from £6.50 and I adore them! I hardly ever wear rings but I have been looking for some simple ones and these are perfect! I love both equally and they fit well together. They were a little big though as in Topshop I am in between SML and MED so I went for Medium as I didn't  think I would be able to get the small back off! The sizing in Topshop is tiny!
 Next from Poundworld I picked up a candle. I have really been wanting a fresh smell just to make my bedroom smell a bit nicer as we have two cats in the house! I really like candles in the tins so this was perfect and for only a pound its great! (it does come with a lid!)

 From the body shop I bought two things. First of all I bought the 250ml version of the mini rainforest conditioner I bought last week which I featured in a haul. I have really been loving it since I bought it so decided to buy it in a bigger size. It was only £4 for 250ml and there is also another size up, 400ml, for £6. This makes my hair feel amazing but I won't give too much away as I am planning to do a review once I have used it a bit more.
 Also at the tills were some sale items, I tried to refrain but I do love a good sale! A while back I saw a lot of good reviews on the HEMP hand lotion so as soon as I saw these I just thought it had to be good! Of course the price tag of £1 (down from £6) helped a lot! I can't wait to try this as the girl in the shop said it was great for dry patches such as your elbows! Its basically just an all round balm type moisturiser for very dry skin!
 (sorry the picture is a little out of focus!) From H&M I bought this summer top in the sale. I have never bought anything like this really or in this colour, I had to get my mum and sister to help me decide whether I would suit it and wear it! I really love it though and can't wait to be sitting on the beach in Cornwall in it soaking up the sun (hopefully the sun!). It was reduced from £7 to £4 in the sale.

 In superdrug I bought the NYC 16hr Smooch Proof Lipstain in Persistent Pink and it was £2.49 as in superdrug at the moment all NYC makeup is under £2.50! I wanted to buy this after seeing a review on http://beautifulworldoflennynb.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/nyc-smooch-proof-16hr-lip-stain.html (the lovely blogger I am doing a Canada/England swap with!). I have only used it the once so far so can't really give you an opinion on it just yet but hope over to Sara's blog to see hers!
 From poundworld I also got this Beauty Formulas body and face cooling mist for when it gets hotter in the UK (yes we are still waiting for summer to arrive!) I have used this before and it did the job perfectly. Its especially great for when your sitting in a hot stuffy classroom at school!
Lastly I just picked up this face wipes from Wilkinson's which I have never used before so hopefully they will work, they were 2 for £1. I usually use the Icare ones but I didn't go into a bodycare today so these will have to do!

Did you buy anything today?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


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