Drugstore Favourites: Nail Polish!

Recently I have been painting my nails more even though I paint them on friday and then have to take it off on sunday for school the next day! With the summer holidays fast approaching though I already have some favourites, strangely enough not many are very summery colours as I haven't bought my summer ones yet as the weather in the UK is unpredictable, only yesterday was it pouring down with rain and now its boiling hot!
Anyway here are some of my favourites that you can buy in boots, superdrug etc.
 Barry M Magnetic Polishes in Purple, Burgandy and Blue
I really love magnetic nail polishes and especially these ones! Its great that you can change the caps around for different combinations and I especially love the purple one! They stay on for a reasonable amount of time and dry quickly. They may be a little dark for the summer but I love them.
 LA Colours Nail Lacquer in Metallic Purple
I love this nail polish so much! Its colour is absolutely amazing. Its finish is a bit like coloured foil and it looks amazing as an accent nail! I have found that LA colours nail polishes have always gone on well and stayed on for quite a long time, so if you see them I would definitely check them out!
 Sally Hansen Instra Dri
I don't think I could live without this top coat! It saves my life everytime! My nail polish always seem to chip within a day and sometimes even the same day regardless of what brand I use! This prolongs the life of my nail polish wearing by ages, I can go days without chipping which is great for me! This will be a lifesaver on holiday!
ELF Matte Finisher
This is another polish which I really adore. I love a matte finish on the skin, lips, eyes, nails and just about everything! I tried the No7 matte top coat but its rubbish compared to the ELF one. This makes your nails completely matte and looks great over a nail polish with lots of chunky glittery bits in it!
 MUA Polishes in 10, 9 and 12
I love MUA nail polishes in general, they last ages, cost £1 and only need 2 coats! What more could you ask for in a nail polish? They have a pretty big colour range as well for only £1 and these are just a few favourites of mine above.
Miss Sporty Sparkle Touch
Last but not least with have the best sparkle nail polish in the drugstores! This is an amazing glitter top coat, the best I have ever used. You get so much glitter out with it instead of a few particles here and there. It also prolongs the wear of your nail polish by at least another day which is great!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x
What are your favourite nail polishes?


  1. I recently tried GOSH cause Superdrug were doing 'buy 2 products and get a free polish' and its been on my nails for 3 days and not chipped. That's with no base coat or top coat :) my nails will now be orange lol

    1. I really want to try GOSH nail polishes, I have had my eye on a duochrome one for ages! I always forget to put a base coat on so my nails always end up being a slight tinge of the colour I was wearing! Must find a good base coat!