Smooch Cosmetics Review!

I'm hoping this blogpost is a start of many well organised and thought about posts to come! As you probably know I'm not the best blogger of them all as I'm a youtube girl at heart, but thank you to my 28 follows who for some reason put up with my lack of blogging and pointless posts! But thats obviously not what this post is about is it?
So a few weeks ago maybe Smooch Cosmetics kindly sent me 2 products to review for them (you can find a disclaimer at the bottom of this post to assure you that this is my opinion and I'm not being paid!)
After trying them out for a bit I've decided to review them on   my blog!

Lets start with the Blusher:
Its the duo blush in Peachy and here is the description given on the website
'Featuring two complimenting blusher shades in one, this blush will give your complexion a sexy glow and added radiance'

The first part of the description given I 100% agree with. These colours really do compliment eachother and can be worn together without looking too OTT! I also agree the second part but maybe not for such a good reason. The first colour to me is just a 'glowy' powder and doesn't really give enough colour pay off or pigmentation to be called a blusher as it barely showed up on my cheeks and I'm the palest of them all so this first colour wouldn't work on dark skintones at all (maybe as a highlighter???)
On a better note though i was impressed with the pigmentation of the second colour featured and loved the generally colour and formula of the product.
Overall with the blusher I don't think i personally would pay £8.50 for it due to only one of the colours working well but would maybe consider purchasing the second colour on its own.
I give it 6/10

Next onto the eyeshadow duo which is in the colour Purple Haze again here is the description given: 
'With 12 glistening duo eye shadow shades to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Smooch’s velvety eye shadows have deep long lasting pigments, they glide onto eyelids effortlessly and are fab for any occasion. Use the metallic lilac and deep mauve shades on their own, or blend the colours together for a more sultry and contoured look.'
I'll just cut to the chase here! I completely  agree with the description and have fallen in love with this eyeshadow duo! The pigmentation is amazing and the staying power is pretty good as well paired with my elf eyelid primer! The only downside i could find is the price tag of £9.50 which for me (drugstore girl) is pretty hefty for a duo when i can get a MUA 24 eyeshadow palette for £8. This price does unfortunately put me off considering buying a different colour but that doesn't mean its completely written off my wishlist ( i have my eye on Twilight).
Overall this eyeshadow duo impressed me and i would recommend it to anyone who is willing to spend that little extra for better quality!

If you would like to see me talk more about the packaging of the products and all sorts else then watch my video below :) 

DISCLAIMER: I was sent these products for review purposes but this does not change my opinion on them what so ever, and im not being paid or sponsered to write this post or make the video!


  1. Hello! I just started a blog of my own if you want to check it out. I am subscribed to you on youtube too, love your vids. Do you mind me asking how you came to be sent products to review? I would love the chance to review something so I was wondering how they contected you etc? xx

    1. :D Followed :D I contacted them, smaller youtubers like us dont get contacted by compainies so i contacted them :D Love your profile picture btw :D xx

  2. Ooops by the way my blog is www.clothesandcurlsblogs.blogspot.com
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  3. You have been nominated for a versatile blogger award xx

  4. Never heard of this brand, they look lovely, and a great post :) x

    1. I really love their eyeshadows, I would recommend checking the eyeshadow duo's out :D Thanks :) X