1 September 2014

Autumn Nail Polish Picks '14

Autumn is just around the corner now that it is September and I have to say, I can't wait! Autumn is probably my favourite season, I love the fashion and makeup trends that come around. To mark the start of the new season I thought I'd share my nail polish and makeup picks, starting with nail polish today. I'm a big fan of autumnal colours like purples and reds so those are the kinds of shades that I like to wear on my nails in the colder months. Cold weather doesn't mean that we have to wear dull colours though, I think wearing a pop of colour is really nice even when it's raining!

Essie are one of my favourite brands when it comes to painting some colour onto your nails, even though they are a little pricey. I've had the shade Plumberry for over a year now and it is still a favourite of mine for A/W. I think it is just the perfect berry shade for Autumn, it has a lot of pink in it but the berry tones soften it a lot to make it more Autumn appropriate. This is one nail polish that I'll definitely be repurchasing when my bottle runs out, regardless of the price.

Another shade from Essie that I know I'm going to use a lot this Autumn (and Winter) is Bahama Mama. It's a very deep purple shade with warm undertones, it's such a beautiful colour that I think would suit a lot of people. I can't wait to get some more use out of it as the temperature drops.

I never used to be a big lover of grey nail polish but when these two shades joined my nail polish collection I found myself enjoying using them both a lot. The Essie nail polish is a light grey with some brown undertones, it's quite basic and great for a simple look. The cheaper MUA nail polish is a lot darker and more of a standard grey, for only £1 it really has impressed me though.

These last two picks are a bit different from the rest. Again another Essie nail polish, I'm such a big fan of them! I really love the effect that this one gives off, it is duo-chrome and gives off so many different colours, it is dark though so I haven't been using it during Summer, I can't wait to get it back out for Autumn though! Finally my last pick is this Makeup Revolution Nail Polish, I think it's a great transitioning shade, it's brighter than the rest so great for going from Summer to Autumn. It isn't like my Summer purples/lilacs though, it's a bit more dulled down making it great for the upcoming months.

So, that's my six Autumn nail polish picks for this year! I actually did this same post last year, it's interesting to see the differences between my picks then and what I've chosen this year, take a look here.

What nail polishes will you be wearing a lot this Autumn?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

30 August 2014

My New Look 'New In' Picks #3

It's been a couple of months since I did one of these posts so I thought it was about time I share some of my New Look finds with you. I really enjoy doing these posts, even if they aren't the most popular on my blog! This time round my picks are definitely more suited for Autumn and Winter, the weather has already gone downhill so it's about time to start getting more jumpers and boots. New Look is one of my favourite places to shop, I can always find something in there when I go in and it suits my budget really well so I'll be getting a lot of my A/W clothes from there.

At the moment I am loving the monochrome trend, I'm missing a lot of simple and basic items in my wardrobe so this Autumn I'm going to focus on getting some things like the check shirt and short sleeve jumper. I think if I build up my wardrobe a bit more then I won't be so difficult to put outfits together in the morning. I've also been wanting some tan coloured boots, I recently got a bag in the colour and I love it and think a pair of boots to match would be great! These are just a few items that I've spotted on the website, the New In section is packed with all sorts of autumnal goodies so take a look.

Will you be treating yourself to some new clothes this Autumn?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

28 August 2014

My Scoliosis/Surgery Recovery | I've got a date!

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I had my pre op and I came out of it with the impression that it would be maybe a few months before I had my operation. Yesterday though I had some pretty exciting news! We phoned the hospital to see if I'd been given a date yet, they said no but managed to find a slot on the 17th of September! I expected them to say it would be a few months, not a few weeks.

I am so over the moon! I'll be going into hospital on the 16th of September and having the operation on the 17th. I found out at the pre op that I could be in hospital for up to 5 days so I've already got some guest posters lined up and I've started planning posts for September and October for whilst I'm recovering.

That's the only thing I wanted to talk about in this post, it's pretty big news though so it definitely deserves its own post! I'm so happy to finally have a date, I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel now, hopefully I'll be back to some kind of normality by Christmas! Unfortunately it can take up to 12 weeks for the surgery to make a difference pain wise as nerves take a while to recover, I'm hoping for some immediate relief though, we'll just have to wait and see!

It's about time I said goodbye to this pesky little screw!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x
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