24 April 2014

Fashion on a Budget | £5 Dresses (Sizes 8-26)

It's now been over 2 weeks since I last did a Fashion on a Budget post as the last one was a guest post, so I'm really happy to be back talking about some fashion bargains! The other day I was showing my Mum a few websites that I love to buy clothes from as they are really cheap and she was saying how she struggles to find cheap clothes in her size. I'm a size 10/12 and don't really struggle to find cheaper clothes in my size but my Mum is plus size so has more trouble shopping for clothes on a budget. On most of the cheaper clothing websites there aren't plus size clothes, in fact on a lot of websites it's difficult to get anything over a size 14 which is just ridiculous. Even though I'm not a plus size girl myself this really angers me because everyone deserves to be able to buy what they want on any budget they have!

When I started this series I said I wanted to cater for everyone so I've managed to find some Midi dresses today that cost only £5 and go up to size 26!

Despite the rise in the trend of Midi dresses I've never tried one on myself but these £5 bargains are tempting me a lot. These are from Vantage Fashion, one of my favourite places to find £5 and £10 clothes now. There are 2 versions of the Midi dress, long sleeve and short sleeve, they are all £5. They are loads of colours to pick from, the ones above are just a small selection. Like I said before you can get them in a size 8 all the way up to size 26.

As I said I'm not a plus size blogger so if anyone is and would like to guest post within this series about buying clothes on a budget that would be great! I really do want to cater for all styles, shapes and budgets.

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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23 April 2014

blogsale | makeup, clothes and shoes

Recently I've had a bit of a clear out in my bedroom, I've got bags of stuff to go to the charity shop and a few things to go into a blogsale. This isn't a massive blogsale but hopefully you'll find something you like!

1. This is a UK only blogsale.
2. Everything will be sent 2nd Class unless requested otherwise. Postage has been included in the prices of everything so please keep this in mind when looking at the prices. If you want more than one thing I will of course lower the postage costs as much as possible.
3. I aim to send things as quickly as possible, within at least 5 days.
4. Payment via paypal only. 
5. If you would like to buy something then leave a comment saying what you want to buy, any postage preferences, paypal email and a contact email (if different). If you want more than one thing I will email you first before sending an invoice to discuss postage prices.
6. First come, first served.
7. I will only hold items for 48 hours.

MAC Lipstick in Lovelorn (Lustre Finish). Usage shown. Very small dent at the top of the lipstick where I caught the lid on it. Beautiful shade but I just don't use or love it any more, it's a shade that no longer suits me. £7.50 posted. PENDING

MAC Eyeshadow in Cranberry. Used a few times. Again this is a stunning shade but I don't use it and would rather use the money to buy a shade I would wear more often. £6.50 posted. PENDING

Topshop 'Me' Heart Ring in Medium
Kukee Black Star and Moon Ring in Small
Triangle Ring in Medium
Topshop 'Believe' Ring in Medium

All have barely been worn. £3 posted for all of them.

Avon Cat Charm Bracelet. Hardly Worn. £2.50 posted.

Oasis Denim Jacket with stud details. Size 10. Worn a few times, doesn't really suit me. £8.50 posted.

New Look Tall Red Dress. Size 10. Tall range is for Women that are 5'9 (175cm) or over, great range, perfect length but doesn't suit me. New with tags still on, I've tried it on twice. £9 posted.

New Look Floral Cardigan. Size 10. Worn twice. £7 posted.

George at Asda Nude Wedge Heels. Size 8. Worn twice. Lovely shoes, very comfortable, but they no longer fit me. £10 posted.

Happy shopping!

Shona x

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OOTD | Smart Casual

Jeans | Primark
Top | H&M
Blazer | New Look
Boots* | Fashion Union

Despite the fact that I don't leave the house too much I still love to get dressed up. Clothes make me happy so why not dress up, or just nicely everyday, it is very tempting to stay in my PJs all the time though. My style seems to change a lot and recently I've really been loving the 'smart casual' look, this is the kind of outfit I think of when someone says smart casual anyway. Jeans are a basic item that I think everyone should have in their wardrobe, a pair of jeans that fit you well can do wonders. For me though another basic item that I couldn't be without is a blazer. I have 2 blazers, mainly because of Sixth Form but also because I really love them. This is my more casual blazer that I got from New Look, it's not fitted or tailored, it's very loose and it's made out of a thinner material so it's great for Spring and Summer! 

Underneath the blazer I just wore a H&M grey top that I've had for a couple of years now, I hardly ever wear it though so I thought it would be nice to show it some sunlight. My favourite part of this outfit are my new Fashion Union Cut Out Boots* though. I've loved this style of boots since they first started coming out in shops but I've never been able to find some that are perfect for me. These are so nice though, the cut out isn't too big and I love the gold detail on them. They have a small chunky heel but are very comfortable, I'm not great at walking in heels but these are fine. They have a zip that goes up the back so they are easy to get on and off and they are such good quality as well! They are £38 but completely worth the price I think as the quality is great and I can see these lasting for ages, I can't wait to get a lot of use out of them this A/W. I wore them without socks today but I do want to get some black frilly socks to wear them with, I think that would look really nice with dresses.

If you couldn't already tell this is an outfit that I love! Let me know in the comments what your go-to outfit/clothing item is that makes you feel amazing!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

The Company Blogger Awards are back and I would love it if you'd nominate me for Best Teen Style Blogger! Nominate here!

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