25 July 2014

The £1 Tangle Teezer

Today I want to share one of my most recent Poundland finds with you. Pound shops have their ups and downs but there can be some real gems in them! Recently a big Poundland has opened near me so I had a look around and found this tangle teezer dupe. I bought it without having high hopes, I never go into Poundland thinking that everything I'm going to buy is amazing, I thought I'd share my thoughts about it with you though!

There were a few different colours available including blue and this purple shade, the colour doesn't bother me though but it is nice to see some nice colours available. It's called Tangle Attack, nicely named I think, they didn't need to name it but I like that they have. It's made out of cheap plastic that won't survive forever but at a pound I don't expect it to. As you can see it does come packaged very much like the popular Tangle Teezer, there is of course a major difference though, the £10 price gap between the two products.

Just like the Tangle Teezer it has short and long teeth that make up the brush but they are no where near as sturdy as the popular original. I did expect this but I was a little worried as my hair is really thick. I have to say it surprised me though as it got the tangles out of my hair reasonably well. It didn't achieve a perfect result but for a pound I think it's really quite good. I think this will work best for those who have thin hair or medium thick hair. It did work on my very thick hair but I think the teeth would need to be longer to achieve a better result.

I have to say though I am impressed, whilst I know it won't last as long as the real deal and the £10.99 version probably does work better I'm very glad I bought this.

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

24 July 2014

OOTD | ASOS Patterned Shorts

Firstly I just want to say that I'm not 100% happy with these pictures but I tried taking them last week and didn't like them then so I thought I'd just stick with these as I don't want to try a third time! I really wanted to show you all this little outfit though as I love it.

Denim Jacket | New Look
Shorts | ASOS 
Shoes* | New Look

Recently the weather in the UK has been really lovely but at the same time overwhelmingly hot. This has been my go-to outfit to keep me cool and I think it's my favourite Summer ensemble now so I had to share it!

I recently shared these shorts in my I'm Loving... post so you all know just how much I love them. They are really comfortable and loose fitting but they look more dressy and less like something you'd wear just around the house. They are brightly patterned so I like pairing them with just a plain cami top like this Vantage Fashion one. It fits me really well, also the material is thin and really breathable so it keeps me cool. On the days where there's a breeze I like to wear my New Look denim jacket as well, I adore it! I like that it is a light denim wash as it is so much more appropriate for Summer and hot days. Finally I just popped on these New Look shoes, a lot of the time I like to wear flip flops or sandals with this outfit though, however these shoes are better for if I'm going to be doing a bit of walking though! I know that I'm definitely going to be wearing this outfit, especially the shorts, a lot this Summer if the weather stays nice.

Do you have a go to Summer outfit?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

21 July 2014

I'm loving... #1

Recently I haven't been doing favourites posts as much, simply because I'm at home all the time so I don't wear makeup as much and I'm not discovering anything new. There are still a few things every now and then that I want to share though so I thought I'd stop doing the typical monthly favourites and just share a few bits and bobs whenever I feel like it. It takes the pressure off of putting up a favourites post every month as well which is nice, although this is pressure I create myself!

Last month Wrappz kindly sent me this phone case which I created myself. I've seen so many people with phone cases with lots of pictures on them of family and friends recently, that was my initial plan until I saw some of the pre-made designs. I was instantly drawn to this one as it has some of my favourite colours in it, I've never seen a design like this either. I never used to be one to love a phone case but I'm really glad I picked this design, I've had several people comment on it as well! I thought £20 (+ £2.50 delivery) was a little expensive at first but the quality of this is amazing. The case goes on and off of your phone easily and it is really sturdy, I've dropped my phone a few times since using it and it has definitely helped save it from smashing! If you are looking to spend a little more on a phonecase in return for great quality then I'd definitely head to Wrappz.

Also Wrappz have kindly given me a code for you all to use which means you'll get a free personalised skin for your phone, all you have to do is pay for delivery! The code: freeskin 

The weather in the UK has been amazing recently, a little too amazing at times though. We've been having hot days and nights that are filled with thunder and lightening! I bought these ASOS shorts a little while ago as an option for those rare warm days, I didn't expect to wear them as much as I have done though. They are labelled as Culottes but as you can see they are short ones, not the difficult to style long ones. They are so incredibly comfortable and they are high waisted with a stretchy waist (good for all those BBQs!). I love the print as well, the mix of bright colours and an aztec design is a really good pairing. I think they are definitely my favourite Summer clothing piece right now! If you aren't tall then no worries because ASOS do these shorts in a normal length as well.

I'm a big lover of chocolate so when Makeup Revolution sent me a surprise package in the post I was so happy to see this inside! I haven't used it enough to do a full review yet but my first impressions are really good. This is the sister brand to Makeup Revolution, it's still a bargain brand but the packaging is very modern and will appeal to younger people a lot I think! This particular palette is filled with lots of neutral shades, I like that there is a lot of variety. If you only tend to stick to neutral colors then there is everything that you could possibly need in this palette! There's also a mixture of mattes and shimmers which I like as I enjoy using both finishes equally nowadays. I don't want to give too much away as I will do a full review but the formula, pigmentation and the overall quality of the eyeshadows are getting a thumbs up from me so far!

That's it this time around, I didn't want to include too many things, I much prefer writing more about a few items than only a few lines each for about 10 different things! 

What are you loving at the moment? Have you discovered anything new?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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