22 August 2014

August Haul | Primark and Superdrug

Yesterday I turned 17, I had a really nice and relaxing birthday after a morning of shopping. I'm a bit limited on what I'm able to do at the moment but I had a good time going through Primark, spending my birthday money! Instead of a birthday haul I thought I would show you what I bought yesterday, my local Primark is in a bit of a awkward Summer/Autumn stage at the moment so I didn't find much but I did find a few bargains so I thought it was worth sharing them with you. I also treated myself to a few beauty products, something I haven't done in a while!

A couple of days ago on Twitter Lucy from Two Backpackateers recommended the Simple Anti-Blemish Moisturiser to me. I read a few reviews of it and then spotted it in Superdrug yesterday on offer for just £3.32, I couldn't just walk past it! My skin has been so bad over the past few months, it has never been like this so I haven't been too sure of what to do so I'm really hoping that this product will help! I've had mixed experiences with Simple before, hopefully this time it will all be positive.

I also spotted Makeup Revolution in the Superdrug that I visited which I was very happy about. A lot of the products were sold out but I did pick up one of their nail polishes in Adore. I think it is going to be a great transitioning colour as we go into Autumn! This eyeshadow in Sold Out also caught my eye, both products were only £1 and I'm sure I'll be reviewing them when I've tried them out so look out for that. I also picked up another Nivea lip balm, I go through these so quickly so I pick one up every time I go to Superdrug nowadays.

On to Primark where I spotted these comfy bottoms, they were only £4.50 so I couldn't resist popping them into my basket. They are really soft and more than long enough for my long legs, if you are going into Primark any time soon definitely look out for these, I think I'll be living in them for the next few months!

Another basic item that I picked up is this green t-shirt with rolled up sleeves, I have hardly any green in my wardrobe and I thought it would be something a little different for Autumn. It was only £4 and they had loads of colours to choose from, I think I'll be picking up a few more of them soon as they are perfect for just throwing on with a pair of jeans.

This top was the first thing that I spotted, I'm on the look out for Autumn clothes at the moment and this really caught my eye. Not only do I love the pattern but it is also made out of a thicker material compared to most tops, it is going to keep me so much warmer. Despite the intricate pattern I think it will be easy to style as well. It was only £5 which I think it great, I think I would prefer it if it had rolled up sleeves but that's only a minor detail.

My best buy of the day was probably this tan satchel which my Mum actually spotted. It was marked down to £5 from £9 and they had it in black as well. I have a satchel already but it is quite big so I wanted to pick up a more medium sized one and this is perfect. I was so tempted to get the black one but this colour is definitely better for Autumn and I already have lots of black bags. This is definitely something to look out for!

I also picked up a pair of their jeans for only £5, they had loads of jeans marked down so look out for them, unfortunately the pair I got don't fit but that does mean I get to go back to Primark next week!

That's it for this shopping trip! I'm really happy with everything I've bought and I'm sure you'll see lots of reviews and OOTDs coming up on my blog soon.

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

19 August 2014

Makeup Revolution Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray | Review

Apologies for another Makeup Revolution review, I'm trying out so many of their new products at the moment, you all seem to be enjoying my reviews though so you can look forward to lots more! Recently Makeup Revolution have brought out a few products that are more skincare based, one of them being a budget makeup fixing spray. I've tried this out with lots of different foundations and in nearly all weathers now so it is definitely about time I told you what I think about it.

This has been titled as the ultimate product in the professional range, it is not surprising though as it promises to protect your makeup against heat, humidity, cold and windy conditions for up to 8 hours. This is the perfect time of year to test it out because over the past few weeks it has been really hot, cold and it hasn't stopped raining! 

I have dry skin so I don't usually have any problems with makeup staying on but this recent hot weather has been ruining my makeup, nothing seems to stay on for very long. I was a bit worried when I saw the ingredients list on this product, it does contain a lot of alcohol and the smell definitely gives that away. When you spray it the smell of alcohol is very prominent but I have found this doesn't linger once the product is on your skin thankfully. I did think that it would dry out my skin but I haven't had any problems with that either, I was really quite surprised!

I have found that it can take a good few minutes to sink in after spraying it on, although at the moment I'm quite enjoying the refreshing feeling for a couple of minutes as it is so hot! However I think overall I would prefer the mist to be a little lighter. On to the important part though, does it actually keep my makeup in place? I have found that my foundation does look a lot better at midday when I use this spray compared to when I don't. I don't think it makes a major difference but I'm happy with the results that I've had, I think if you have oily skin you will see more benefits than I have.

I think if you can see the past the strong alcohol scent then you will really enjoy using this as a little addition to your makeup routine!

Do you use a makeup fixing spray? 

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

17 August 2014

What makes you happy? TAG

This morning I woke up to find that I had run out of blog posts to put up, all I've got lined up at the moment are a few beauty reviews. I spent a good few hours brain-storming and procrastinating and thought that I would have a go at creating my own tag. I wasn't sure whether I would actually post it just in case it is a big fail but I have nothing else to post so lets give it a go!

We all have days where we aren't feeling too great and we can easily forget the things that make us smile. I thought it would be really nice to think about what and who makes you happy in your life. Not only will it make you think about what/who truly makes you happy but your answers will also be there to look back on when your day isn't going so great. I really enjoyed thinking about and documenting the things that make me happy, I hope you do too!

If you do my tag please link back to this post in your post, thank you!


My Mum makes me happy, she always knows the right thing to say and does a great job of cheering me up when I'm having a bad day! Hannah also makes me happy for similar reasons, I know she is always there to talk to and we are always laughing and smiling when we get together, I couldn't ask for a better friend. Sarah is always making me laugh, she is constantly smiling and having fun and I think that definitely rubs off on me when I'm around her! Bex and her son Jack make me happy, seeing their relationship just makes me smile, she is an amazing Mum to him and you can see that he loves her a lot.


Going shopping always makes me happy, even if I don't buy anything I could browse through shops all day long. I find it so relaxing and it definitely makes me a lot happier at the end of the day! Although I haven't done it in it a while swimming makes me very happy, again it is relaxing and one of the only sports that I can do without being in pain, being in water makes me forget about everything negative going on in my life. Days at the beach are one of the things that I love doing the most, I could sit on the beach reading a book all day. I grew up going on holiday to Cornwall every year so I feel really comfortable in the sea and on the beach, it feels so peaceful even if there are lots of people around me. Blogging is an obvious choice, I wouldn't be writing this post if blogging didn't make me happy. Even after nearly 3 years of doing this I still look forward to writing a new post. Finally sunny weather makes me happy, I think it makes everyone a lot happier! Warm weather brings so many things with it like going on walks or having an ice cream, I wake up looking forward to the day a lot more when the sun is shining.


As I already mentioned the beach makes me happy, specifically I'm happiest on the beach when I have an ice cream and a book! My garden makes me really happy, a bit of a weird one but hear me out! I spend a lot of time in my garden reading or just staring up at the clouds but I also spend a lot of time with my younger brother in the garden. We don't spend an awful lot of time together now he is a teenage boy but it seems we always cross paths in the garden, we spend a lot of time laughing together which is nice, he is a pain but I love him a lot. Again I've sort of already mentioned this but Cornwall makes me very happy. Growing up myself and my family went to the same place every year in Cornwall and some of my happiest memories are from our holidays down there. If you offered me the chance to move there I probably would straight away!

I know there are only 3 questions but obviously your answers are going to be a bit longer than the average answer for a question from a tag. I hope if you do my tag you enjoy doing it! 

I Tag:

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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